Line in the Sand Jumper

Good job! Now we can get to work!

Barriers. Limitations. Boundaries. Restrictions. Confines. All single-word definitions of a line in the sand. These lines can be self-imposed or dictated by others.

“You can’t do that.”

“I shouldn’t do that.”

These are two examples of lines in the sand - the first given to someone and the other self-imposed. They are imaginative barriers to hold one back from their goals. Let’s set you on a path to clear the line and achieve success and balance.


You have come here because you may have heard about me from a friend. Maybe we bumped into each other, and you are checking out what I do. Or your web search for a Life Coach gave you the option of this website. Whichever it was, you are here for a reason. 


You may have a goal in mind or are seeking more balance in life. Maybe you feel something is missing in your life - let’s figure out what that is and move toward achieving a sense of wholeness. I am here to help you clarify your path and excite you to action toward your goals.

Let’s head for the line!

You found me!

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Make at least one definitive move

daily toward your goal.

                                        - Bruce Lee