Pick a successful athlete, real or fictional, and ask yourself what they had to help them succeed. Daniel had Mr. Miyagi. Rocky had Mickey. Shaun White has Bud Keene. The Chicago Bulls had Phil Jackson. The coach brought out the best in them all.

We are partners in the process - collaborators of a plan for defining, approaching and crossing the line in the sand. 


While the experience will be serious, we will have fun! Expect a challenge - we are going to push the limits.


We will tap into your unique skills to allow you to express yourself and excel. One thing I won’t do is tell you how to do your job or live your life. I will listen, support, question, and guide you past the line in the sand to reach your goal.


How we’ll work it


We will make contact weekly, and everything is kept extremely confidential.


For about an hour we will discuss and set clear goals, and determine the course to reach them and how to hold you accountable.


We will also review our plan to see what is working and where course alterations may be needed. The whole time we are keeping that line in the sand in view and moving to jump past it.


The conversations will be fun, yet everything is in your hands after we hang up. That’s when you set your plan into action to reach the next rung and attain the balance you deserve.


Give it a shot – set up a risk-free time to chat.

How’s it work?

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